BigDataMachine, is full solution for any company. It adapts to the need of knowledge that your company requires. BigDataMachine adapts throught monthly membership with the follow services: Technology, Action feedback and Analysis




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Online Universe

Process and Segmentation
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Analysis and Statistics

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Small Business

Meet your potential customers and contact us directly through BigDataMachine.


Medium size company

Optimize your competitiveness knowing your competition.Predict your next strategic steps.


Big companies

Discover new opportunities through data you did not know.


Services and massive clients

With BigDataMachine discover the piece of lost information you need to improve your strategy. Discover in real time the needs and claims of potential customers. Use the information and manage risks.

Research & Communication

BigDataMachine is a toolbox for data management. BigDataMachine is a toolbox for data management thanks to its features: organization, information visibility will help you minimize the time of analysis and application

Government and Public Management

BigDataMachine generates a communication bridge between government and citizen through listening and permanent observation of the opinions and suggestions of social networks and relevant data of internet.Prioritize the agenda of governance.


Understand the characteristics of entrepreneurial technology on social networking data and auditing:


  • Mentions 5 searches.
  • 10,000 monthly mentions.
  • Social networks.
  • Daily capturing of mentions.
  • Data audit.
  • Validation of feeling.
  • 20hs of data management.


Recommended by BDM

Capture the value of data on social networks and Online Universe.
360% online vision ideal for SMEs.


  • Mention 10 searches.
  • 50000 mentions per month.
  • Social networks. Online Universe. Custom limited fonts
  • Captures every 8 hours mentions.
  • Data audit.
  • Classification of mentions.
  • Validation of feeling.
  • Customized monthly reports.
  • 40hs of data management.


Capture the value of data from social networks, online universe and online media selected by industry. Ideal for monitoring and application of various projects. Midsize companies and corporate.


  • Mentions 15 to 30 searches.
  • Up to 500,000 monthly mentions.
  • Social networks. Online Universe. Custom limited fonts.
  • Streaming data capture.
  • Data audit.
  • Classification of mentions.
  • Validation of feeling.
  • Custom Weekly Reports.
  • 60hs of data management.

Special Projects

It allows adapting the tool and technical equipment Big Data Machine to the needs that your company requires in the matter of large volumes of data.


  • Selection of data platform.
  • Integration of unstructured-structured data.
  • Visual data graphs.
  • Customizing reports.
  • Predictive models on data.